How to choose the best white paint for your interior.

When painting the inside of your home, you will at some point ask, ‘what is the best white paint for interior walls’. Well of course that is not a simple question.

If you have been down to your local paint shop, you will have noticed that there are many more whites than you ever thought possible. Some colour consultants will get very excited about all the choices making you more confused when you leave, than when you arrived!

Now without taking anything away from colour consultants, but with our experience in the industry, we would say keep it simple! Now I justify this by saying, that with all the advice, at the end of the day the ‘trending’ colour of the day is often what is recommended, and I am pretty sure not everyone has the same interior design of their home.

Here are some basic things to consider when choosing the best white paint for your interior.

  • You may be thinking to use just a white paint, literally not putting any tints into it. This is not recommended as most paints will need some tint added to make it ‘cover’ better. Without any tint, it is possible that you could either see through the paint or get caught having to put 4 or more coats of paint on to cover. This is especially true if you are doing a repaint.
  • Next think about what colour your décor is? This is because, even though the colour you like only has a slight hint of green to it, if you put your white furniture up against it, this green can suddenly become obvious! For this reason, I love neutral whites, something with a grey shade. In particular, I recommend this to anybody who is painting a rental, because let’s be honest we have no idea what furniture the tenants will move in with.
  • Finally keep in mind that colours look very different depending on the surface they are applied to. This doesn’t just mean smooth to rough, but also walls to ceilings. As a rule, you could use exactly the same colour paint on the walls and ceilings, and the ceilings will always look lighter. This is because of the way that light is reflected from a vertical and horizontal surface. All rooms with lots of light compared to darker rooms will have a huge effect.

Well sorry, I can’t tell what the best white paint for your interior is, but there are a few variables that need to be considered. Right now the trending colour scheme is Resene black/white lowsheen on the walls and half Resene black/white flat on the ceilings, and I must agree that I do think this works very well.

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