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Articles about exterior and interior painting, that could help you to paint DIY or to understand the criteria for hiring a specialist.

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Specialty Finishes – Finishing your project with Porters Paint Finishes

The magic of transforming a space lies not just in colour selection, but also in the textural dimension paint finishes bring. Porter's Paints, renowned for their exquisite colours and rich heritage, offers a captivating range of specialty finishes that can elevate...

Interior Painting – Window, Doors Skirtings and Trims

Have you wondered why you paint windows, doors and trims with a different paint to the walls? Well hopefully by the end of this article you will have a better understanding Traditionally paints used in house painting where oil based, they offered a hard-wearing...

Interior Painting – What to consider when painting wet areas

Interior painting of your home is a project many homeowners choose to undertake themselves. But have you thought about what you will do when doing the interior painting of wet areas? Painting a house interior is often seen as an easy job that will be fun to do, there...

Best White Paint for Interior Walls

How to choose the best white paint for your interior. When painting the inside of your home, you will at some point ask, ‘what is the best white paint for interior walls’. Well of course that is not a simple question. If you have been down to your local paint shop,...

Interior Paint – What to Consider

Interior painting is the kind of project that can get a keen DIYer excited! Why you ask? It is because compared to most DIY jobs around the house, it is considered relatively easy and cheap to do, but the result can be a very dramatic change! Is interior painting...

Interior Painting of a House – Where to Start

In our previous article we gave you a great overview of all the different aspects when it comes to doing interior painting. We also got some understanding of tools that are required for painting. We touched on some details like colours, furniture painting and prices....

The Ultimate Guide to Picture-Perfect Interior Painting

If you have been stuck inside for the last year during a global lockdown, you'll be thinking about how you can liven up your home's interior and make it feel like new again. Well, we've got you covered! Read on for the ultimate guide to picture-perfect interior...

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