Commercial interior painting

Mangere Bridge, Auckland



Interior painting of a pharmacy

Mangere Bridge, Auckland

Completed: December 2020


Painting materials that were used for the project:

  • Easysand Sealer
  • Dulux Wash’n’Wear lowsheen
  • Dulux Professional ceiling
  • Dulux Aquanamel

Timeline of the project:

One week for team of 5 people.

Processes that are followed for the interior painting:

  • Fill holes and defects/sand
  • Apply sealer paint
  • Two top coats of paint
Commercial space before interior painting


Commercial space after interior painting


We were involved in this project by the building company, and it was our second painting job for this customer. Due to the festive season and due to the nature of the painting job, the pharmacy had an extremely strict deadline, because we had to finish the interior painting before the last inspection day in December. Our painting company got access to the site one week before the inspection date. We put a crew of 5 painters together and managed to proceed with work during weekdays and weekends, working with cabinetry installers and fit-outs by electricians.

Window frames before painting


Window frames after painting


The space is a little bit over 100 square meters with a change of ceiling from 2.4 meters to 4.5. Also, it had different interior materials that needed to be painted, like cinder block, metal beams, wooden joinery, GIB, and concrete.

Cinder block before painting


Cinder block after painting


The cinder block was in the very bad condition with mould and other damages that required extra attention.

For wooden joinery, we followed the specification of the paint manufacturer.

When we painted the ceiling with metal beams it was important to make sure it was prepared correctly, and no rust would occur.

As with all our painting jobs, we finished the interior painting accordingly to the deadline. It is important for us to work with the client and meet the target and job scope.

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