Plastering and Interior Painting
of a House in Auckland

Mt Albert, Auckland


This job came to us unexpectedly. The client had everything planned from the building process to the furniture installation, but at the last moment the painting company that she was planning to go with, pulled out. It was incredibly lucky that we managed to accommodate this interior painting job in Auckland, and work with the clients’ deadlines. 


Painting of the kitchen and living room interior

Mt Albert, Auckland

Completed: July 2020


Plastering and painting materials that are used for the project:

  • Gib Tradeset
  • Gib Plus 4
  • Easysand Sealer
  • Dulux Wash’n’Wear lowsheen
  • Dulux Professional ceiling
  • Dulux Aquanamel

Timeline of the project:

One week.

Processes that are followed for the interior painting and GIB stopping:

  • Preparation of the GIB
  • Taping and first coat of plaster to fill the joints and screw holes in sheets
  • Second coat of finishing compound
  • Top coat of finishing compound
  • Sand the plaster
  • Fill holes and defects/sand
  • Apply sealer paint
  • Two top coats of paint
Kitchen plastering


Kitchen interior painting Auckland


The kitchen and living room are one of the main spaces in the house, where family will spend most of their time. That means, that all the materials used in the space should be easy to maintain and clean. The best paint to use in this case is low sheen washable paint, in this case Dulux Wash’n’Wear low sheen for walls and Dulux Professional Ceiling Flat for ceiling.

Kitchen plastering Auckland


Kitchen interior painting Mt Albert


It is important to inspect the GIB fixing work before plastering, and notify builders and/or clients about any problems like big gaps, bad workmanship, and so on. Even though it will not be seen under the plaster, and the job will look good at the end, it is very possible that it will crack after several months and will require repairs or even replacement. This will end up costing more money for the client.

Kitchen plastering Mt Albert


Kitchen interior painting and plastering nz


Our painting company takes pride in the quality of workmanship. We always make sure that building work is completed appropriately before we start, because it is the base for our work. We will notify clients and builders about any problems, and discuss ways which we can deal with it. Unfortunately, plastering and painting comes at the end of the building cycle, and if the previous trades have not done their job properly, it will affect the quality of the painting and plastering. Even though it will look great at the end of the renovation, problems in the future will be guaranteed.

For this job we followed all steps and drying time that is required by plastering specifications and applied sealer and two coats of paint.

The client was happy the job was done on time and budget.

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