The magic of transforming a space lies not just in colour selection, but also in the textural dimension paint finishes bring. Porter’s Paints, renowned for their exquisite colours and rich heritage, offers a captivating range of specialty finishes that can elevate your walls from ordinary to extraordinary.

However, unlocking the full potential of these unique finishes requires not just the right product, but also the expertise of a trained applicator. Here at Hauraki Property Services, our team of applicators, trained in applying Porter’s Paints finishes, can guide you through the world of washes, textures, and subtle effects, ensuring a flawless and long-lasting finish for your dream space.

The Delicate Dance of Washes: French Wash and Limewash

Porter’s Paints offers two beautiful wash finishes that add a touch of vintage charm and subtle dimension – French Wash and Limewash. Let’s delve into the characteristics of each and explore their potential to transform your space.

    • French Wash: A Whisper of Colour

French Wash is a translucent paint application that creates a soft, layered effect. It gently veils underlying colours or textures, adding a touch of depth and character. This finish is particularly effective on architectural details like mouldings, panelling, or even brick walls.

Imagine a light French Wash in a calming blue or a warm grey gracing your living room ceiling. The subtle wash would add a hint of colour and visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Here’s where using a trained applicator from Hauraki Property Services becomes crucial. The French Wash technique requires a skilled hand to achieve a consistent, even application. Our applicators understand the nuances of this finish, ensuring a seamless and elegant result that complements your chosen colour palette.

    • Limewash: Breathing New Life into Walls

Limewash, a time-tested natural finish, offers a unique aesthetic with a soft, matte texture. It’s prized for its breathability, making it ideal for heritage homes or rooms prone to moisture. Limewash comes in a limited but beautiful palette of natural earth tones, adding a touch of rustic charm to your space.

Envision a calming limewash in a soft sage green gracing your bedroom walls. The natural texture and breathability would create a serene and inviting atmosphere. However, applying limewash requires specific knowledge about its properties and careful handling.

Hauraki Property Services’ trained applicators possess the expertise to ensure the proper application of limewash. We understand the importance of surface preparation and can guide you on choosing the right colour and achieving the desired level of opacity.

Beyond Washes: Exploring the Spectrum of Porter’s Finishes

Porter’s Paints offers a captivating array of specialty finishes beyond washes. Here’s a glimpse into some other options:


    • Metallic Finishes: Add a touch of glamour with metallic finishes that shimmer and add a touch of luxury.
    • Venetian Plaster: Create a timeless, sophisticated look with this classic plaster finish.
    • Stucco: Embrace a rustic elegance with textured stucco finishes that add depth and character.
French wash Porter's paint specialty finishes

The Importance of Using Certified Applicators

While Porter’s Paints offer superior quality, their specialty finishes require specific techniques and knowledge for flawless application. Here’s why using a certified applicator like Hauraki Property Services is crucial:


    • Expertise in Application Techniques: Our applicators are trained in the proper application of each finish, ensuring optimal results.
    • Knowledge of Product Properties: Each finish has unique characteristics. Our applicators understand how the product reacts to different surfaces and environments.
    • Surface Preparation: Proper surface preparation is key to a long-lasting finish. Our team knows how to prepare various surfaces for optimal paint adhesion.
    • Achieving the Desired Effect: Our applicators can guide you on achieving the specific level of opacity, texture, or sheen you desire.
Porter's paint specialty finishes

Partnering with Hauraki Property Services

At Hauraki Property Services, we take pride in being certified applicators of Porter’s Paints finishes. We combine our knowledge of these specialty products with our commitment to exceptional service.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our team will work with you to understand your vision, recommend the perfect Porter’s Paint finish for your project, and ensure a flawless execution that brings your dream space to life.

Let’s unlock the true potential of Porter’s Paints finishes together and transform your walls into breathtaking works of art.

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